keskiviikko 30. syyskuuta 2009

Going commercial

It's surprising how so many bands turn into commercial after a few albums. It seems that they get tired with making really good music. Instead of that they only want cash. Let me name some examples:

All Shall Perish

First album was very grim. Second was brutal and a bit tech. Third one is pretty much ordinary metal with ultimate shred solos and a kick-ass drummer. No more pig squeals, instead there are power metal-like melodic growls. Awaken the Dreamers, a true disappointment.

Killswitch Engage

The album is so pop. In every sense it ended up very commercial. I just miss the truly heavy parts KsE used to have. The melodic lines just seem so ordinary. Blah.

Born of Osiris

The New Reign was a diamond, but A Higher Place is just mediocre. The whole album sounds like they just invented djent. I'm disappointed because I really was into hearing what would mixing Meshuggah and rap sound like.
The rumours tell me that guys from The Faceless wrote most of the songs. I guess Sumerian put them to do the job because BOO only had weak pieces to present. Haha, that should point out that smoking weed is probably not the best way to make music in the long run.

After the Burial

Okay, they had a bit funny sound in Rareform. But was it so funny that it had to be re-recorded? Alright, they got a new singer but they still could have just made a new album. I hate delays like this.

Oh, and I won't even bother to write about Emmure or August Burns Red.

PS. The other extreme is to do what Mew did. The new album is really complicated, yet people buy it. Weird, huh?

torstai 24. syyskuuta 2009

Hardcore Beef

Dear Vincent Bennett (The Acacia Strain) & Frankie Palmeri (Emmure),

in addition to making pretty shit music, you both perform these ridiculous acts just to catch attention. Please stop telling these stories about the interesting hardcore life you'd only wish to have. It's not amusing.
An idea that's a tad too obvious. Two bands making music very much alike start to have a "beef" with each other. Yeah, cool, that's the war metal stuff you always dreamed of, ever since you first time heard Irate's Vendetta.
The climax of your beef was in this September when you had an imaginary fight with each other which you described to the underground press. By Twitter. Brutal!

Stop making records, mall bitches.

tiistai 22. syyskuuta 2009

The First Post

There always has to be the first one.

I'm starting this blog because I want to share my thoughts on music in the public. To me, blogging is a great way to make my opinions come to "life". Feedback is what I live on. So posting comments is highly encouraged. Feel free to dis me in every possible way you can think of, I won't mind. I can handle it ;P

First thing that I think I should write about is Lamb of God. Could you please tell me why you fashion scenefags are avoiding it like plague? And why the true metalheads freak out when somebody implies it is 'metalcore'? Both of you are wrong. You emos should start listening to music you really like. Same applies for metalheads, and stop being afraid of -core. Genres of music are just made for definition. I can't believe how miserably you both fail in realizing a simple fact like that. Oh and please do pull your bottom lip over your face and swallow when it comes to your "dresscode". I'm going to use Occam's razor here and deduce that you are just plain dumb.

Bottom line is that LoG is awesome, whether you are brave enough to like it or not. Could you all just give up your pretentious stances towards music that doesn't fit your "imago". Also, don't waste your time by going like "that's just your opinion". Do you really think that I'm not aware of that? Yeah. I'm going to say this again. Just give up. It's over.

PS. Even though It's Over, this blog is just about to begin. Hop on board, you independent music lover. We need more likes of you.